About Us

Luc and Lyla was created as a resource for moms to not only to find high-quality, useful, meaningful, and endearing baby clothing, maternity/nursing-ware, toys, and gifts. We were created to provide an outlet for other parents to support one another and to have open dialogue about the challenges and joys of the parenting experience. We host events to bring mothers and women together for meaningful discussions around each stage of pregnancy and parenthood.
Also, each piece of item we sell online and at our events has been hand-selected and sourced with planet-friendly, organic, quality, and purpose in mind. Most of our products have a “story” behind it and most of our suppliers give a portion of their sales to children in need. 
If there's an area of discussion you'd like to focus on for one of our events, we want to know!! Please contact Missy or myself (Sondra). We are here to help. <3